Bees and Mental Health

Today is International ‘Don’t Step On a Bee Day’ and this got me thinking. Everyone has their own experience with bees. Some people are scared of them, don’t like them, love them, hate them, care for them and more. The common factor is that bees can trigger emotions and some are not so wanted. So how do bees help with our mental health?

Without bees, the ecosystem would fall apart. Bees carry pollen, which helps plants reproduce more plants. An international beekeeping organisation claims that a honey bee colony can pollinate roughly 250 flowers in a day (Bees for development). That being, no bees, no trees and no trees, no bees. So how do bees tie into mental health and emotions?

There has been significant research into how nature can help with depression, anxiety, stress and emotions ( That being said, a reduction of anxiety and stress can also contribute to improving physical health too, such as reducing blood pressure and heart rate. ( Nature is a great way to be able to bring your mind back into the “here and now”, which is great for grounding yourself.

Here is a way that nature can help with your anxiety and/or stress, which is called the 54321 technique.

Using your 5 senses can help ground you and reduce anxiety.
– Look for 5 different coloured flowers or plants that you can see?
– Listen for 4 things that you can hear? (any bees?)
– What 3 things can you touch that are next to you? How does it feel?
– What 2 flowers or scents in the air can you smell?
– What 1 safe thing in the environment can you taste (eg.fruit)? If there are no natural edible fruits, can you taste anything in your mouth?

To conclude, we need our bees so we can have nature and nature can help improve our mental and physical well being. So bees, have a happy stomp free day and thank you for keeping our ecosystem alive, which helps with our overall well-being!

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